The Come From Away Pro-Short (Apple TV +) Everything Fans Could Ask For.

This writer has covered his love for the musical Come From Away on a few separate occasions. Part of this fondness might be due to the fact it was the last West End show he saw in the summer before COVID. That said he truly believes it to be an exceptional piece of work. Taking what seems on paper like the worst idea someone could come up with and turning it into a genuinely life-affirming feel-good experience. The fact it was getting a pro-shot produced to commemorate the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and the events depicted in the show was an exciting prospect. That said this fans initial thought was that this piece would present one of the easiest pro shots to produce. The shows deliberate minimalism in its design and aesthetic are a key part of what makes it so special. Some filmed stage productions struggle to truly capture everything that might be going on during the performance at any one time. In the recent past, the Disney + edition of Hamilton might be a fantastic entry point. Unfortunately it only actually captures a set amount of what’s going on at any one time. It communicates why Hamilton is a work of brilliance but not necessarily why it’s such an overwhelming live experience. This would not be an issue with something like Come From Away. As long as those behind the filmed version could capture the craftsmanship and infectious Irish fook Inflected soundtrack they will have done their job. Did they manage this?
Absolutely. Other than some muted F-bombs for the mandatory PG-13 rating and a few minor occasions where you can see band members in the frame this is the most cinematic theatre recording this writer has ever seen. Beyond those nitpicks, the musical retains its powerful infectious quality in the transition to this on-screen edition. This kind of production can never fully replicate the live experience. I’ve never heard such an enthusiastic standing ovation as the night he happened to see this show in London. However, comparing this to some of this writers favourite theatrical experiences with pro shots available only this production of Come From way and the National Theatre recording of War Horse comes close to providing the best possible facsimile of the life experience. How this viewer would dearly love for the National Theatre to make that presentation readily and consistently available on streaming or physical media. The closest we have to this is the making of DVD from the original run (which this author still has.) At least Come From Away will be available to a general audience as long as Apple TV plus exists. It is a fantastic achievement that deserves to be seen by Widest possible audience. Hopefully, the pro-shot release will enable this.

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