The Night House. Quick Review.

In terms of recent horror releases NiaDaCostas spiritual Candyman sequel is the film that has got all the buzz and platforms as of recently This watcher wanted to flag up a better film that is not getting the platform it deserves. The Night House is a slice of modern supernatural horror starring Rebecca Hall. She plays a grieving woman in the aftermath of her husband’s suicide. She travels to the lakeside house he built for her to sort out his remaining affairs. However, things might not be as they seem.
A genuine nerve-shredding, intense experience this reviewer can’t recommend the film highly enough. It contains several extremely well-crafted sequences of superb tension. This narrative draws the viewers in quickly and effectively and then proceeds to not let the gripping atmosphere die down until the credits have rolled. It features one of the most genuinely effective jump-scare moments this reviewer can remember seeing.
All of this would mean nothing if the central performance wasn’t able to back up such strong fundamentals. Luckily Rebecca hall is incredible. Her delivery slides between grief and terror so effectively Making audiences empathise with both sides of the narrative. The Combination of her performance and the unbelievable tension build results in one of the best studio horror films of recent memory. The kind of film which fans will be recommending to viewers who had previously missed the experience for years to come.

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