Attack of the Hollywood Clichés. Quick Review.

Rob Lowe hosts this random Netflix comedy special, aiming at the myriad of Hollywood cliches in modern cinema. A production like this is the very definition of mildly entertaining. A surprisingly robust list of star names,# Film Twitter pundits and behind the camera talent go on a whistle-stop tour of some well-known film making tropes and standards. At an hour-long, there is far too much packed into the very brisk running time. There’s no real analysis beyond pointing out the existence of these moviemaking ticks. Certain audiences will get something out of this but the lack of analysis is what makes the special effectively worthless. It’s mildly amusing but nothing more than a streaming inflected update of something audiences would have seen on BBC3 in 2007. It’s far from the worst thing one could watch on Netflix right now. Unless viewers have a specific fondness for these kinds of the mildly overdramatic clip shows there’s nothing here they won’t have seen before.

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