Infinite. Quick Review.

Mark Wahlberg is a generation-spanning being who can recall all his past lives. He gets embroiled in a fight against a nihilistic organisation with a similar power set in this slice of stogey sci-fi. The film has been slowly passed out as a former studio film cast-off to streaming over the past year. It’s not hard to see why. Some of the central sci-fi ideas might generate some interest. Unfortunately, they are buried under several layers of pathetically embarrassing mythology and world-building. The action feels perfunctory. The script feels like it was written by a 12-year-old. All the inherent traps present in the “ central character discovers part of his life he was only partially aware of” story structure are here. Wahlberg might be a watchable lead but he plays with the same character regardless of style or genre. Everyone else here is just waiting to collect their pay check. If viewers are desperate to gobble up every slice of mainstream sci-fi available they may get something out of that. Otherwise, potential viewers might find a better use of their time in researching bad soft sci fi audiobooks/podcasts and listening to one of them. The effect will be similar to listening to a profoundly bored sounding Mark Wahlberg deliver some of the worst exposition monologues possible

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