Emily in Paris is Still Garbage. It’s Not Worth Getting Offended at Its Very Existence.

Emily in Paris is one of the easiest targets in the streaming sphere. This author fed into that last year with his coverage of The first season. So why did this viewer even bother with the sophomore season? There are two reasons. Ultimately there is something rather memetic and memorable about just how atrocious the writing on this show is. Secondly ( and more importantly) this watcher was looking for something easy and unchallenging to watch during a self-isolation period. The prospect of hate-watching is not something this viewer necessarily encourages. That said it’s easy to see why Emily’s misadventures have developed an Audience of people specifically watching to indulge in their worst moments. This show is shallow and vacuous but simultaneously insanely memetic and memorable. Some of its choices are so stereotypical and yet baffling. It’s hard to believe this writers room exists in 2022.

As an example. Emily and Lilly Colin’s massive unibrow got a new love interest this season. This character looks like he’s just walked out of a Shondaland series. He is a British banker Working in Paris examining the financial implications of Brexit. His introductory conversation then descends into a “Megxit” pun. There are lines like “I’m not a leak, I’m a girl from Chicago.” Attempted self-awareness that falls flat on its face. A Plot Regarding Emily’s friend not having an up to date visa. The only job she can get is a toilet chaperone. That is until the owners of the drag club letter indulge her singing talents. so she does karaoke to BTS in the most painfully 2021 music choice that will be dated five minutes from now. In this seasons most egregious musical moment the friend and her love interest do a cover of Falling Slowly from Once. This viewer’s first instinct would be to make an angry tweet regarding how Once director John Carney should get a free opportunity to slap the creative teams behind potentially the worst Netflix megahit.
The thing is that first bad as this show Is it also clearly has a massive silent majority audience that enjoys it regardless of the online discourse. Honestly, this is perfectly fine. There’s a huge audience out there for this kind of cheaply produced escapist entertainment that could care less about how it’s perceived by the audiences of Reddit or Twitter. These people are A far more lucrative audience than those who indulge in niche/ cult streaming shows that may have critical acclaim but will never develop an audience in the same way. If something like Emily in Paris is the antithesis to that argument then so be it. There’s not a lot that can’t be gleaned about the show from showing potential viewers any random 10-minute section from across the 20 episodes produced thus far. If one happens to enjoy it then so be it. These viewers are just as entitled to lowbrow entertainment as more discerning watchers might be to the latest massively acclaimed comedy/drama. If the entertainment happily comes from shows like Emily in Paris we should not degrade the show for catering to an audience much less invested in online culture.
Season 2 rating. 3/10

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