Sing a Bit of Harmony. Quick Review.

Initially, this reviewer questioned why what looked on the surface like a very mid-tier anime feature was getting a big week-long theatrical push in both subbed and damned versions at his local Cineworld. Then as his subtitled screening of the film began the Sony logo popped up. The vague memory that they had bought Funimation occurred to this viewer. Given that both Sony and All The Anime have a decent track record in terms of theatrically released anime in the UK don’t be surprised to see a greater selection of mid-tier titles getting more of a push.
In terms of this title specifically Sing A Bit of Harmony is both exactly what one might expect whilst also being decidedly quirky for its specific genre.
On one level this is your standard anime schoolgirl slice of life narrative. The narrative here sees a team of scientists trying to integrate a singing robot AI into a standard anime high school setting. Cue your standard level of slapstick hijinks that one might expect from an anime presentation of the premise. There are also extended j-pop musical sequences. AI development sections that come across like a Japanese take on the opening of RoboCop. Not to mention a metaverse centric final act. What might look relatively straightforward on the surface if you know the genre and style reveal itself to be a much more peculiar oddity when the layers are peeled back. It’s honestly difficult to say if the entire thing comes together as a cohesive whole. That said if you’re a theatrical anime fan looking for something that might be a lot stranger than it seems on the surface The film might be worth a look. This reviewer is certainly not going to complain about a wider variety of animation seeing the inside of a UK cinema.

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