No Exit. Quick Review.

There’s a broader conversation to be had about how as of 2022 new R rated titles from the Merged Disney/Fox are likely to be nothing more than content fillers for SVOD streaming. That said their first 2021 release feels like the sort of mid-tier studio thriller that benefits from this model. A college student and recovering addict (Havana Rose Liu) escapes a rehab facility and then gets trapped in a remote cabin during a blizzard with four other strangers. Some may have secrets to hide. You have seen a million sub-Tarantino thrillers like this one in the past. Films like this bring nothing new to the table. That said the narrative cultivated a decent level of atmosphere. It will likely keep viewers relatively engaged for the brisk 96-minute runtime. The sort of film viewers isn’t going to regret watching or spending time with but will slide off their brains almost instantly. In other words perfect for an SVOD release. This viewer doesn’t doubt that there will be future Fox adjacent titles sent to streaming that will not deserve that fate. That said its the perfect platform for No Exit.


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