Cheaper by the Dozen 2022. (Disney +) Kidz Bop This Is Us.

In the tradition of continued IP mining of Fox properties acquired by Disney in the merger here is a new version of Cheaper by the Dozen. In 2022 the Bakers are now a mixed-race blended family led by Zach Braff and Gabriel Union as the parents. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this. It’s the obvious route to take the property down within a modern context. The new version itself isn’t even that bad by the incredibly low standards off straight to streaming Disney content that’s not Star Wars or Marvel related. Inoffensive enough family entertainment that doesn’t have much creative ambition beyond providing a light distraction as streaming filler. The only audiences that will likely get offended by this new edition are those that grew up with the Steve Martin and Bonnie hunt remake duo. The most obvious influence isn’t even the slapstick centric early 2000s family comedies that those remakes were cashing in on. In 2022 The shadow of This is Us looms large over these kinds of stories. Say what you will about that shows pension for the emotionally manipulative, hyper earnest family melodrama. At its best, this show has set the gold standard for this genre. Cheaper by the Dozen 2022 on the other hand feels decidedly forgettable and running on name recognition alone by comparison. It’s not as patients testing is something like Secret Society of Second-Born Royals or Artemis Fowl but that’s not saying a lot. Unless a particular viewer is a fan of any of the creative talent or has a penchant for covering Disney straight to streaming efforts there’s no reason to seek this out.
PS. For the sake of this writer’s comparison, he tried to total up how many members the blended Peterson family has across the two main generations on This Is Us. If you include Jack and Rebecca as the origin point and focus on the adopted and biological offspring of the” Big Three” By my count There are seven family members at the start of the show and 11 as of episode 6.07 That’s not counting partner characters like Beth, Sophie. Madison or Toby If you include these characters it goes well beyond the 12 in Any version of cheaper by the dozen. Counting both Miguel and Jack separately would hit the magic number of 12.

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