Moonfall. Quick Review. (Slight Spoilers.)

If this author were to list his least favourite filmmakers Roland Emmerich would be on that list. There may have always been a market for the kind of disaster movie he peddles. However, he’s been doing the same stick with the trademark atrocious writing and similar character archetypes for the last 25 years. In a way, there’s not much that can be expected from his latest film which is pretty much as the title suggests. The moon falls out of orbit thus causing Emmerich’s bread and butter style of CG carnage. Only three pre-established characters ( Patrick Wilson Halle Berry John Bradley) can be sent on the mission to save the day. Don’t forget the generic family drama.
On one level if an audience has seen any of Emmerich’s they will have already seen Moonfall. It’s mildly amusing watching Emmerich do damage control after the film has proved a massive flop, He has claimed the film is the most expensive non-IP independent blockbuster ever made. This point is decidedly arguable. While Moonfall might technically be an original property It’s contributing to the tone and style of Emmerich filmography. Your disaster porn style is old news, Roland. Move on to something else.
That said the hoops Moonfall has to jump through to make the moon a sentient villain are certainly a choice that was made. The entire project seems so intergalactically stupid. It’s hard to believe it exists. That said these choices automatically make the film a more humorous and somewhat ironically enjoyable experience than any of Emmerich’s previous work. If the concept of the moon develops AI tentacles and attacks astronauts viewers might get out of it. That’s not even touching a mildly insane third act.
Moonfall is very much a case of the same shtick different day for Emmerich and his specific brand of a sub-90s disaster film. It has some novelty value in the places the goes to make the premise work on screen. On some level, this makes it better than Emmerich’s typical fare. That doesn’t make the final product necessarily good. The sheer lunacy of the whole thing might provide some ironic enjoyment but ultimately Emmerich will continue to do what he does regardless of audience feedback. Even as was the case here when the audience potentially dwindles to no one.

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