Goodbye Flagship Wittertainment. Coda. The Next Chapter.

A few weeks ago this author published his piece covering his relationship with and attachment to Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s film review show on BBC Radio 5 live. There was some speculation in the piece on how exactly the show would continue following its final BBC transmission on April 1st, 2020. Needless to say, as soon as that show ended fans got their answer. Blazing atop Apple Podcast, not 15 minutes after our dynamic duo had finished airing on the BBC was the trailer for the new Kermode and Mayo Podcast, Kermode and Mayo’s Take. From what pre-release information can be found the duo have partnered with Sony. and some of the production team behind the BBC show to produce a more general media review podcast. What exactly this will cover remains to be seen With a couple of caveats (until we hear the first episode,) this seems like a good move from our dynamic duo. Personally, this listener is hoping for some of the banter that makes Kermode and Mayo a distinctive and highly listenable partnership. not for it overrun the show in the same way. It had been done for years in its BBC incarnation. This could go either way, but the assumption that there will be no mandate in terms of length does give this former fan hope he can jump back on board with more focus on media coverage. Less formulaic inside jokes with listeners. desperate to tell the audience about what qualifications they have earned, please. The prospect of indulging in a broader media review podcast. Is not necessarily our dynamic duo going as far out of their comfort zone as one might think? Projects like Kermode and Mayos Home Entertainment Service have expanded the brand beyond its original remit of film discussion reviews. The Entertainment Service series itself was a little bit rough around the edges This was thanks to being an entire lockdown conceived and adjacent project. But there’s nothing to say a similar format can’t work in audio form. We will just have to see. When the new podcast Kermode and Mayos Take launches on May 5th. This author does not know exactly or even plans to cover His initial thoughts on the podcast after they start released. That said, he did want to make note of the next chapter/development having spent so long typing up his initial essay. He is at least curious to see how the new podcast pans out both from a release and content perspective. We shall have to wait and see.

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