Peacemaker. Season One. Quick Review.

James Gunn’s rebooted The Suicide Squad was in this writer’s top five favourite films of last year. This statement might suggest this watcher only takes in the latest comic book films. This fan will stand up for the reboot and its merits to anyone who will listen. Especially given the atrocity of the Warner Brothers studio mandated 2016 film. As someone who has found Gunns R rated work, consistently straying into edgelord territory. Suicide Squad was the perfect property for him to indulge his maverick side whilst also acknowledging a level of mainstream accessibility. Gunn was also applying the found family formula But he perfected it as a writer, throughout his continuing work on Guardians of the Galaxy. Then you have John Cena. In this viewer’s mind, Cena is one of the most underappreciated comedic actors working right now. Regardless of the memes or his wrestling persona, the man has genuine comedic chops His ability to deliver the most absurd lines completely deadpan. will always be hilarious. This viewer was very excited to see it. Gunn and Cena teaming up for this TV spin-off based on the latter’s Suicide Squad character. That said, there was still the open question as to whether or not Gunns Suicide Squad would translate effectively to a streaming series. Things looked promising when the delightfully absurd opening title sequence was released. Featuring the entire cast Doing an entirely stonefaced choreographed dance routine to a title song that sounds like the rebirth of 80s hair metal. How was the show.

It was awesome. On one level it would be very easy to look at these eight episodes. and say “you like James Gunns Suicide Squad. Well, here’s some more of it.” This is doing a disservice to just how effectively Gunn and the creative team’s tone transitions from feature film to serialized streaming series. The sense of controlled chaos that made the film such a delightful surprise is present and correct It’s wild, over the top. wonderfully splatter heavy entertainment packed with loads of. Ridiculously NSFW Quotables. Thankfully it never loses sight of being a longer form streaming series with an overarching plot. If there is one weakness, it is here. The overarching plot that Peacemaker. And a series of new and returning characters from the film get themselves involved in some delightfully wacky and out-there moments. It does, however, feel rather perfunctory for this style of antihero story. When the cast is this committed to the wild tonal shifts and the dynamic between all the core team is so much fun this doesn’t necessarily matter. Well there might not be as much going on under the proverbial Kettle helmet as something like Amazon’s The Boys. (the current gold standard for R rated superhero content.) Peacemaker was a great time.
Coming in as a. self fan of the film. It is spinning out of. Peacemaker was a great season. It’s got the same sense of controlled but committed wildness that made Gunn’s reboot such a delightful surprise This author is excited to see that James Gunn has committed to at least another season of this show along with more potential spin-offs for his take on these characters. Whatever wildly tasteless adventures await. they will rank high on this viewer’s most anticipated TV list.

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