Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off. Very Quick Review.

This viewer covered an incredibly mediocre celebrity adjacent documentary with a Netflix effort on Abercrombie and Fitch. Now let’s cover a much better genuine example. Tony Hawk: Until The Wheels Fall Off has one of the most striking openings of any film released in recent memory regardless of platform. The audience witnesses current day Tony Hawk in a purpose-built skating arena attempting and mostly not landing a series of stunts and tricks. These surely must be taking a toll on his body and general health at his age. Yet the kinetically edited sequence is a perfect approximation of the ethos of both the film and Hawks character as depicted here. He never gives up and is doing what he loves. As someone who only gave the documentary a chance because Hawk seems like an engaging figure in interviews, This viewer was surprised to find one of the best public figure documentaries he has seen in quite some time. Honest without being exploitive. A celebration =without being hagiographic. The 2-hour runtime offers an effective beginner guide to his career. From his role in the expansion of skater culture in the mid-80s, its eventual downturn and rebirth with Hawk very much the central figure in all of it. Offering. Engaging testimony from the man himself and those around him. The piece is just remarkably solid, from top to bottom. It offers nothing new from a presentation perspective. You have seen this style of talking head HBO documentary plenty of times before. However, unlike a lot of material in its genre, there seems to be a slightly wider sense of scope and scale here without depriving potential viewers and fans of what they came for. It’s excellent stuff and definitely. Worth picking out Above the avalanche of similar products meant to sell the audience on the career of whoever they are featuring well, just making them also seen as “relateable in a generic sense. One of the best. In its subgenre for quite some time.

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