RRR. (Rise, Roar, Revolt) Quick Review.

Full disclosure. This writer is not expressly familiar with this variety of Indian action movies. That said the week that this three-hour epic focusing on two revolutionaries as they fight the villainous British in the 1920s dropped around the world it started gaining a lot of crossover buzz. So at a loose end one afternoon this author decided to take in a screening and see what all the fuss was about. What did he find?
Oh boy. This is a lot of movie. Throughout the extended runtime, our two heroes take on pantomime esque villains, indulging in ridiculously badass over the top action, and getting involved in dance battles. Then there is a musical sequence involving public flogging and an extended final battle that just oozes cool. All of this sounds like a tonally inconsistent disaster on paper. The thing is the piece completely runs with its wild narrative and tonal shifts expecting viewers to come along for the ride. It certainly helps that the sense of scale is up on the screen for all viewers to see. Knowing this got an IMAX 3D release in some territories made this author incredibly jealous. See this on the biggest screen possible if you can. The wild shifts and tone won’t be for everyone but the film is so self-assured with the way it presents its tone to the audience This is something that has big potential for crossover on the global market. Watching the gloriously self-aware yet insane ridiculous antics play out on screen with me and one of the couples there to experience it is one of this viewer’s favourite cinema viewing experiences of 2022 thus far. There are sequences here so gloriously insane that describing them with the written word would make them sound too silly. Yet here they are in all their big-screen glory. Given that the film is 3 hours the pacing does dip somewhat around the halfway mark. Yet the pacing comes roaring back with its trademark level of flair.
RRR won’t be for everyone. It’s too tonally inconsistent and ridiculous to appeal to those that exclusively grade their films based on analytical/thematic merit. That said the people who it is for will have a great time. A 187 minutes splatter painting containing every wild tonal shift one might be able to think of. Yet delivered with an unbelievably entertaining sense of self-confidence that most Hollywood films would dream of.

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