Senior Year. Quick Review.

For her incredibly limited comedic range, this writer will also stand up for the fact that in the right role Rebel Wilson can be genuinely funny. Maybe this is only because this critic is willing to go to bat for her breakout role in the first two Pitch Perfects as being genuinely great. Maybe it’s because she’s capable of delivering some occasional solid zingers. Nothing about her general perception or sense that her team make genuinely below average films is changing. Especially with this excruciatingly lame. “thirtysomething goes to high school” comedy. After being stuck in a 20 year coma Willson’s character wakes up thinking it is still 2001 and desperate. to finish her senior year of high school. You can plot every single beat. from that single sentence. To be entirely fair the film does have one idea. with some comedic potential. This is its attempted satirical commentary on the amount of creativity stifled within the results-based school culture. If you want to see this done effectively look at Jemima Kirke’s season-long guest arc as the new headmistress in Sex Education season 3. Unfortunately. Senior Year’s comedic styling is more along the lines of” How do you do fellow 20120s kids Weren’t the early 2000s a different time.” Sam Richardson has none of the charisma he showed, so effectively in Werewolfvs Within. Justin Hartley plays the same character he has spent six seasons deconstructing and reconstructing on This Is Us. His performance would not be out of place on Kevin Peterson’s “The Manny.” All of this is soundtracked to the most generic studio mandated playlist of early 2000 pop culture hits. Including a mandatory appearance of The Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang. The sense of humour has the feel of someone discovering the titular song and thinking the central line of the chorus that everyone remembers is the funniest thing they’ve ever heard.

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