Ozark. Season 4. Part 2. A Frustrating Finish.

Note. Although this doesn’t include any direct spoilers it might be best to turn around until readers have seen the ending.
No beating around the bush with this one. You can check out this blog’s previous Ozark reviews if you want this author’s thoughts on Season 4 Part 1 All the cards looked in place for a potentially strong finish. Did they stick the landing?
Not really. On one level these final episodes and especially the finale aren’t as bad as some may have you believe. This watcher would argue that from a pure plot perspective something approximating the plot points covered would have been a solid endi0ng always how the show was going to end. The problem is the writers have had such a pension first shock deaths throughout the show run that they’re stuck scrambling to introduce new characters this close to the end of the series when these particular story roles could have been filled by previously established figures and performances that were previously taken off the board. This means that the new threats do not have time to establish themselves or their story impact before they are inevitably called upon to fulfil their narrative role. By the end of the third episode, most of the set-up in the season’s first half has been dustbined for alternatives that are similar but not identical The other thing these final episodes are strangely obsessed with is Rian Johnson’s style “subversive for subversive stake” storytelling. A lot of time is spent establishing potential alternative happy endings for the Byrde family and those around them. Only for the finale to snap back to an ending that might be more in keeping with the tone of the show overall but also feels like a weird betrayal. The genuine ending doesn’t have the build-up or impact it should The performances may still be commendable despite the flip-flopping writing. The production is still generally committed to keeping the visual aesthetic of the show. That said this is endlessly frustrating viewing that even if it stuck the landing would only result in half the show being above average.
Ozark season 4 part two was endlessly frustrating viewing. Somewhere within the skeleton of these seven episodes, there is a solid ending that feels tonally in keeping with what has come before. In a way that’s very much the ending that viewers got. However, the journey to get there
was packed with wildly shifting tones And the writer’s clear realisation that they do not have enough characters left alive for their overall ending to work effectively. Thus although the final beats feel in keeping with this show as a whole they feel strangely distant from this half-season when taken in isolation. Especially with these final episodes’ wildly shifting landscape.
Season 3 might be one of this author’s favourite individual seasons of any Netflix show. That said this watcher would have a difficult time recommending Ozark as a whole. Unless one was really in the mood for a mid-tier family crime drama. Only 17 Of the shows 44 episodes rose above average Given the potential shown by the strong stretch leading up to the conclusion the fact he didn’t stick the landing is still a rather large disappointment.
Season 4. Part 2 Rating. 5/10.
Season 4 Overall. 6/10
Ozark. Final Rating 6/10

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