Deep Water. Quick Review.

Ben Affleck is the serial killer to his promiscuous wife (Ana de Armas) lovers in this incredibly po-faced attempt at “elevated trash.” A Fox cast off this thing has been relegated to streaming for very good reason. Judd Apatow’s The Bubble might be the worst film of the year but this is certainly the most profoundly dull. The narrative desperately wants to resurrect the erotic thriller for a modern audience. Instead what emerges is an atrocity that treats the trashy and thin material with such an undeserved reverence that it borders on parody. Much is the two lead actors are trying to sell it their chemistry has all the sex appeal of dental surgery. This viewer started to question how on earth they even ended up together in the first place. then there’s a third act that feels lacking a conclusion in an attempt just to get this thing out the door. The end credits revealed that Sam Levinson. has a co-writing credit on this dumpster fire. This makes an absurd amount of sense. Especially given the attempted highbrow but realistically low brow tonal mess of the entire project. This critic can’t even begin to comprehend the complete mess that is the half of Euphoria Season 2 that he has seen. That’s a piece for another day. The other core factor the makers of Deep Water, don’t seem to want to acknowledge is the fact the modern erotic serial killer thriller already has a resurrection. It’s the Lifetime/Netflix series You. That said, because. The latter embraces its trashy elements with a genuine sense of humour I’m genuinely compelling lead performances. Even at its most meandering in season three, You was able to deliver three of the best episodes of 2021 to finish that season off with a massive flourish. Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti have more chemistry in their little finger than. Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas do several times over. If one is. desperate for some elevated trash on the big screen Paul Verhoeven’s Benedetta is available. The latter features an item used in a specific way that you will never be able to unsee. Deep Water, wishes it has that level of relevance. As opposed to being a deservedly berried incredibly pretentious embarrassment./
Even if one is desperate To see the return of modern mainstream erotica to the world of movie star feature film making don’t see Deep Water. A major embarrassment for everyone involved that has been tucked away so that it has the least amount of exposure or potential career damage as possible.

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