Jurassic World: Dominion. Disappointed Fan Review.

Ever since this viewer first, saw it as part of a 2011 UK cinema re-release the original Jurassic Park has been in his top five favourite films. The ground-breaking effects may be starting to look like a product of their time but the sheer scale and construction of the set-piece sequences still have the power to create cinematic wonder all these years later. The original sequels have their moments and one really funny meme (Alan) This fan hot take on the franchise might be that when taken overall the soft reboot of the Jurassic World movies might have resulted in a better set of sequels than the original offerings before the release of Domain as the supposed final entry. Solid B movies that offer an engaging slice of Dino spectacle without indulging in talking Raptors. Dominion sees the return of director Colin Trevorrow after The Book of Henry should have euthanized his career multiple times over. Not to mention the return of the original trio of main characters from the classic original. . Following on from Fallen Kingdoms cliff-hanger that dinosaurs were now out in the wild. The pretty overwhelming negative reception wasn’t an immediate turn-off. Fallen Kingdom debuted to a majority negative reception and that film has its moments. Thus this viewer put on his 3D glasses and entered the cinema with a relatively open mind. How was the film?
Mostly very disappointing. Granted not as bad as some people will tell you or even at the worst in Colin Trevorrow’s filmography ( he did make one of the worst and most baffling films of all time.) Yet the newest entry’s critical failure is assuming there has been enough mythology set up in the preceding five films to pull off this kind of era spanning the closing chapter with a modicum of effectiveness. The opening 90 minutes are flat-out terrible. Indulging in overly pleased with itself yet basic worldbuilding installed by Fallen Kingdom and the return of various Jurassic World characters who were always a little bit thin in the development department. Things get a little bit better once the World cast and the original crew are united within the same location but bafflingly they’re still kept apart for a portion of the runtime. As with all the films in this series, it does deliver some solid Dino-based blockbuster spectacle. At this point, though after sitting through 90 minutes of gibberingly overwritten nonsense the payoff might be worth it in isolation but certainly not as a conclusion to a six-film decade-spanning multiple trilogy franchise. Yes, it’s not as bad as The Book of Henry ( very few things are.) However, the fact Colin Trevorrow continues to have a career in Hollywood after his last two films is a little bit mystifying. It will be interesting to see if the creative disappointments here will be his final chance.
From the perspective of someone who will go to bat for the first two films in its trilogy Jurassic World: Dominion is not as bad as you might have heard. That doesn’t make it particularly good either. It spends a solid 2/3 of its running time misunderstanding the fundamental appeal and spectacle of the series across both its trilogies. Audiences don’t go to a Jurassic Park film expecting some incredibly basic yet endlessly overwritten mythology. They want to see a B movie involving Dinosaurs stomping on things and causing general destruction. Dominion does deliver the latter after taking far too long to finally get there. It’s far too late to save the film from being anything other than a mediocre disappointment. Especially as the supposed conclusion to the series as a whole. It’s hard not to think the franchises are too lucrative not to be back in some form. Whatever form that takes the original that started it all will always be a masterpiece. The sequels are entirely optional.

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