Good Luck To You Leo Grande. Very Quick Review

An ageing , sexually restrained and widowed former secondary school teacher (Emma Thompson) hires a free-spirited sex worker (Daryl McCormack) in this stagey but pleasant romantic comedy. The piece doesn’t offer much beyond watching the two central characters meet in the same hotel room on four occasions ( hence the somewhat theatrical feel to proceedings.) That said the core strengths still site shines through. Thankfully they are absolutely the kind of things viewers will be looking for in this kind of limited location project. The two central characters have a sharp, engaging and funny rapport party that’s very entertaining to watch play out. It helps that both central performances remain excellent throughout. The script also approaches themes of body positivity and normalisation within sex work as well as the number of thorny questions inherent within the premise with a level of respect, tact and honesty. If the full package has a flaw however it’s that the narrative ultimately does not have that much progression across its running time. This is one of the sorts of films where just reading the synopsis or watching the trailer gives you a pretty exact idea of every theme and narrative beat that is going to hit. Despite the consistently amusing dialogue and incredibly strong performances, the full feature does nothing to dissuade these thoughts. This viewer was left with the impression the proceedings would have been much more impactful as a short film. Even at a relatively brisk 97 minutes things feel stretched and lacking the impact they should at times. A textbook example of a film is mostly solid in its current form but feels like some reworking could be a ½ step away from true greatness. In its current form, the film is solid and most definitely worth viewers’ time That said Good Luck To You Leo Grande is a prime example of seeing the possibility for a truly transcendent piece in a final film as solid but not as good as it should be. With a shorter more focused rum time this could have been something exceptional.

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