The Princess (Disney +/Hulu.) Quick Review

Not to be confused with the recent Diana documentary this reviewer just covered here’s the latest 20th Century Studios R-rated cast off. Star of perpetually YA adjacent mediocrity Joey king is your classic “strong-willed princess” heroine. Set to be part of an arranged marriage and stuck at the top of the tower we watch her escape her captors as the kingdom is in the process of being taken over by some rather pantomime-like villains. As has been stated before by this author it’s sad to see the state that one of the biggest former movie studios is in under Disney as a content farm for streaming content. That said with something like The Princess it’s not hard to see why this got banished to an SVOD graveyard

A blatantly cynical to astroturf a female-centric action movie ripping off John Wick and The Raid films. Except put together by a team with 1/100th of the skill of this sort of craft-focused action s better efforts. It’s like watching someone who has seen all the right influences but only has the Capability to plant themselves at the shallow end of the pool. Cue a lot of speed ramping and general editing choices that on some level are attempting to recreate some level of OTT spectacle but can’t resist throwing in jarring cuts. The action has all the flow of a decidedly jerky attempted roller coaster. Throw in a dose of thuddingly insincere corporate “girl boss” feminism and you have already seen The Princess.

The pantomime-like tone and atmosphere does make this a good candidate for audiences looking to expand their knowledge of entertainingly mediocre to outright terrible films. That said there are better alternatives out there. Someone out there okayed the deranged third-act plot twist in Wild Mountain Thyme as recently as last year. That says The Princess has had enough camp energy to prevent itself from languishing in the very bottom rung of streaming content. That doesn’t mean it is decidedly worth any kind of viewing experience regardless.

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