Ticket to Paradise. Quick Review.

A lot of discourse within the streaming era revolves around the fact there are no longer any bona fide box office draw movie stars as of 2022. Certain media outlets’ coverage may consent that Tom Cruise is the last of his kind in terms of drawing in an audience. Yet anyone who has been exposed to the marketing for the George Clooney/ Julia Roberts 2om romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise will tell you that at least on a marketing level Universal/Working Title is certainly looking to sell this product on the star quality of its two leads. Content-wise it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. Clooney and Roberts play an estranged, divorced and bitter couple. They decide to team up in an attempt to sabotage their daughter( Kaitlyn Dever) marking a Bali to seaweed farmer (
Maxime Bouttier) that she just met. An audience with any knowledge of this variety of rom-com can pretty much fill in the blanks from there. Toss in the director of the Mamma Mia sequel, the exotic Bali location and the fact that middle-age skewing productions like this are Working Titles’ bread and butter. You have a very functional genre effort Except that might be underselling Ticket to Paradise somewhat. Yes, it’s an unbelievably safe charisma-driven star vehicle meant to appear pretty much exclusively to an audience of middle-aged wine moms. That said given the merit the distinctly formulate package has on its terms. They are likely to eat it up. Clooney and Roberts have enough gentle star power to engagingly coast through a script that may be basic but has enough solid zingers within it to be pretty pleasant viewing for those that like this sort of thing. Things are helped along somewhat by a ridiculously overqualified and underdeveloped supporting cast. Beyond the Booksmart reunion, Kaitlyn Dever and Billie Lourd especially are far too good for material this thin. That said they probably got a free holiday out of it.
It would be easy to point out and dismiss something like Ticket to Paradise sight unseen. Especially given the way the trailer and marketing plant their feet in the decidedly mediocre. It is thankfully a little bit better than that. That’s not saying it’s great. It is ultimately still a distinctly star-powered formula romantic comedy. That said the script and performances generally have enough gentle charm and charisma for the full package to quietly punch above its weight. This genre has mostly migrated to streaming in an avalanche of mediocrity at this point To see a solid entry as a big theatrical exclusive is a little bit refreshing. It won’t last regardless of how the film performs but effective counter-programming in a blockbuster-dominated theatrical release schedule should be supported.

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