Pray For The Devil. Quick Review.

Another week. Another extremely tired and worthless PG-13 horror effort vomited into a desperate theatrical exclusive landscape. This time a devout Catholic nun in training develops a relationship with a potentially possessed young girl. Has anyone seen any number of exorcism films before this? Then they have already seen everything Prey For The Devil has to offer. Incredibly wrote jump scares in toe.

It also unsurprisingly becomes an incredibly derivative female trauma narrative in the third act. The fact that a combination of words has to be presented together in 2022 is extremely disappointing. If there’s one element that elevates this worthless effort beyond The Invitation (the worst PG-13 horror of 2022 it is the cast. Jacqueline Byers is pretty solid in the lead doing a discount Rhea Sehorn impression. Colin Salmon fills the “actor far too good for this” slot with aplomb. Even 13 Reasons Why’s Christian Navarro doesn’t embarrass himself. One would think anyone who stuck with that show who stuck past season one has the potential to be majorly blacklisted given how atrocious the latter seasons were on every level.

That said despite the actor’s best effort Pray For The Devil is still utterly without merit. It has no ideas to bring to a very tired subgenre. Nothing that viewers won’t have seen done before and better. When Barbarian and even Smile (the latter of which this author did not even particularly like) are horror theatrical released options there’s no reason to go out and support Pray For The Devil unless one is utterly desperate for genre fare.

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