Daisy Jones and the Six. (Amazon) Review.

Let’s have a look at another one of Amazon’s questionably expensive follies within the streaming world. Daisy Jones and the Six a mini-series adaptation of the popular Taylor Jenkins Read novel via Reese Witherspoon‘s Hello Sunshine brand It’s effectively what would happen if one attempted to pair the added grit and attempted to ground aestheticContinue reading “Daisy Jones and the Six. (Amazon) Review.”

The Super Mario Bros Movie Is What It Set Out To Be. For Better And Worse.

Even knowing there was going to be an exhausting amount of discourse when it was announced that Illumination had been chosen for the job of making Nintendo‘s first foray into features in 25 years with an animated Mario movie the amount of baffling discussion around the final product has surprised even this watcher. It startedContinue reading “The Super Mario Bros Movie Is What It Set Out To Be. For Better And Worse.”

Swarm. (Amazon.) Miniseries Review. (Spoilers)

Amazon has a history of handing out some bizarre blank checks. That said they clearly think there is enough of the audience for the somewhat niche products produced by the creative teams to see something of a return on their investment. The latest in this category is Swarm. On paper, an offbeat horror thriller co-createdContinue reading “Swarm. (Amazon.) Miniseries Review. (Spoilers)”

The Mandalorian Season 3 Is Strange. (Full Spoilers)

In an ironic twist of fate, this blog has covered all the live-action Disney + Star Wars shows. Except for the one that truly transcends the IP and universe in Andor. The return of Mando and Grogu sparked some truly stupid discourse in comparison Yes the first season of Andor is brilliant. That doesn’t meanContinue reading “The Mandalorian Season 3 Is Strange. (Full Spoilers)”

John Wick: Chapter 4. Review.

Full disclosure. This author is a confessed huge fan of the John Wick franchise. That said much as he would argue all the previous films are all great the two initial sequels are a little bit heavy only slightly obtuse lore of the assassins and Continental visitors coming after our monosyllabic antihero. Given the directionContinue reading “John Wick: Chapter 4. Review.”

Citadel. Series Premiere (Episode 1-2) Review

In terms of their big-ticket projects, Prime Video has effectively two specialities. A brand of action show targeted squarely at red-state America in a distinct throwback vein. In the other category, you have shows Bezos and friends think we’ll be enormous by birthright but aren’t willing to put any creative muscle behind beyond a bigContinue reading “Citadel. Series Premiere (Episode 1-2) Review”

Boom Boom. The World VS Boris Becker. (Apple TV +) Review

In some ways, this example might be far too niche for some but to this writer, the following example is a good showcase of how streaming content has been cannibalized and made even more niche in the content search. Boris Becker had gotten out of jail after serving eight months of his two-year UK sentenceContinue reading “Boom Boom. The World VS Boris Becker. (Apple TV +) Review”

Shazam. Fury of the Gods. Review.

To the extent, a DC theatrical superhero offering can be this viewer has always considered the first Shazam rather underrated. It’s a very effective superhero origin movie that both plays up the silliness of the character’s powerset but gives itself a level of grounding within the execution of the found family trope to be solidlyContinue reading “Shazam. Fury of the Gods. Review.”

Rye Lane. Review.

This reviewer is always the first to point out how out of touch the #filmTwitter and festival covering scene is with the trends of what a mainstream audience would want. Occasionally though there are films that cut through and for whatever reason should be enormous but are not For whatever reason. Disney/Fox UK seemed toContinue reading “Rye Lane. Review.”

Champions. Review.

This viewer saw the trailer for Champions and after doing some additional research his heart sank even further. The Farrelly brother that didn’t direct Green Book was making a special-needs sports comedy with Woody Harrelson as a disgraced basketball coach forced to train a team for the Special Olympics as part of a community serviceContinue reading “Champions. Review.”