Daisy Jones and the Six. (Amazon) Review.

Let’s have a look at another one of Amazon’s questionably expensive follies within the streaming world. Daisy Jones and the Six a mini-series adaptation of the popular Taylor Jenkins Read novel via Reese Witherspoon‘s Hello Sunshine brand It’s effectively what would happen if one attempted to pair the added grit and attempted to ground aestheticContinue reading “Daisy Jones and the Six. (Amazon) Review.”

Citadel. Series Premiere (Episode 1-2) Review

In terms of their big-ticket projects, Prime Video has effectively two specialities. A brand of action show targeted squarely at red-state America in a distinct throwback vein. In the other category, you have shows Bezos and friends think we’ll be enormous by birthright but aren’t willing to put any creative muscle behind beyond a bigContinue reading “Citadel. Series Premiere (Episode 1-2) Review”

Rye Lane. Review.

This reviewer is always the first to point out how out of touch the #filmTwitter and festival covering scene is with the trends of what a mainstream audience would want. Occasionally though there are films that cut through and for whatever reason should be enormous but are not For whatever reason. Disney/Fox UK seemed toContinue reading “Rye Lane. Review.”

Champions. Review.

This viewer saw the trailer for Champions and after doing some additional research his heart sank even further. The Farrelly brother that didn’t direct Green Book was making a special-needs sports comedy with Woody Harrelson as a disgraced basketball coach forced to train a team for the Special Olympics as part of a community serviceContinue reading “Champions. Review.”

The Son. Movie Review.

It seems slightly sheepish to admit now given the final results of the screen but fluorine Zeller and writer Christopher Hampton’s follow-up to The Father was among this writer’s most anticipated films of the year. Beyond the former film winning Anthony Hopkins a deserved best actor Oscar the film itself was emotionally devastating finding theContinue reading “The Son. Movie Review.”

Thoughts on The Whale

There are probably far more articulate writers than this one with thoughts on this wildly divisive but successful A24. awards best play. How much of this relates to the ongoing Brandon Fraser Hollywood redemption arc and what percentage is related to the positive or negative merits of the piece itself remains to be seen. Nevertheless,Continue reading “Thoughts on The Whale”

Empire of Light. Review.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, filmmakers at various levels have been developing a certain Messiah complex regarding the COVID impacted prematurely bleak future for the cinema industry in the post-pandemic and streaming environment. This doesn’t acknowledge the fact this landscape has had billion-dollar movies and blockbuster cinema will be absolutely fine. As James CameronContinue reading “Empire of Light. Review.”

A Man Called Otto. Review.

Everyone has those trailers that get out under their skin if they see them enough times. Throughout the winter of 2022, the prime contender for this dubious award in this writer’s view was A Man Called Otto. The Tom Hanks remake of the successful Swedish film A Man Called Ove. Having not seen the originalContinue reading “A Man Called Otto. Review.”

Babylon. Review. (Mild Spoilers)

If this author had to pick a favourite working filmmaker as of writing this Damien Chazelle would be his answer. The director’s first three films are among this watcher’s favourites in recent memory. He has this fan’s support in terms of checking out new projects for the length of his career. For that reason aloneContinue reading “Babylon. Review. (Mild Spoilers)”

Tar. Online Film Discourse Eats Its Own Tail

In the interchangeably morphing online film discourse space post-pandemic debate around awards contenders seems to be getting even more niche and fragmented. Spearheaded by the kind of people who would not know what cinema with a shred of populism if it hit them with the speed and force of an oncoming freight train. The kindContinue reading “Tar. Online Film Discourse Eats Its Own Tail”