Shazam. Fury of the Gods. Review.

To the extent, a DC theatrical superhero offering can be this viewer has always considered the first Shazam rather underrated. It’s a very effective superhero origin movie that both plays up the silliness of the character’s powerset but gives itself a level of grounding within the execution of the found family trope to be solidlyContinue reading “Shazam. Fury of the Gods. Review.”

Champions. Review.

This viewer saw the trailer for Champions and after doing some additional research his heart sank even further. The Farrelly brother that didn’t direct Green Book was making a special-needs sports comedy with Woody Harrelson as a disgraced basketball coach forced to train a team for the Special Olympics as part of a community serviceContinue reading “Champions. Review.”

Watching the Michael Flatley Secret Agent Vanity Project So You Don’t Have To.  

The UK film scene over the second half of 2022 greeted the new arrival of a film that has already entrenched itself in some circles as a new ironic viewing favourite that is already being put on double bills with The Room ( which remains the terrible movie for those not willing to expand theirContinue reading “Watching the Michael Flatley Secret Agent Vanity Project So You Don’t Have To.  “

The Son. Movie Review.

It seems slightly sheepish to admit now given the final results of the screen but fluorine Zeller and writer Christopher Hampton’s follow-up to The Father was among this writer’s most anticipated films of the year. Beyond the former film winning Anthony Hopkins a deserved best actor Oscar the film itself was emotionally devastating finding theContinue reading “The Son. Movie Review.”

Thoughts on The Whale

There are probably far more articulate writers than this one with thoughts on this wildly divisive but successful A24. awards best play. How much of this relates to the ongoing Brandon Fraser Hollywood redemption arc and what percentage is related to the positive or negative merits of the piece itself remains to be seen. Nevertheless,Continue reading “Thoughts on The Whale”

Shotgun Wedding. Review.

The fact that director Jason Moore hasn’t gone on to bigger and better things since helming the first Pitch Perfect is one of the great questions in this author’s mind over the last 10 years. Moore went off to make the Tina Fey/ Amy Poehler vehicle Sisters with a really funny John Cena cameo andContinue reading “Shotgun Wedding. Review.”

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is PERFECT

It’s rare but sometimes one will see a film that simply short circuits all of their critical faculties with a pure blast of concentrated wonderful That already happened once in terms of 2022 releases for this viewer with Everything, Everywhere, All At Once. Having seen every DreamWorks animation theatrical offering for the past 18 yearsContinue reading “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is PERFECT”

A Man Called Otto. Review.

Everyone has those trailers that get out under their skin if they see them enough times. Throughout the winter of 2022, the prime contender for this dubious award in this writer’s view was A Man Called Otto. The Tom Hanks remake of the successful Swedish film A Man Called Ove. Having not seen the originalContinue reading “A Man Called Otto. Review.”

Megan. Review.

The trailer for this James Wan-produced killer AI doll horror was something of a viral sensation out of the gate. This writer did not catch wind of it until he saw some of the stunts pulled by Universal’s marketing team putting Meg3an.s in places building for social media showcases doing robotic dances. One look atContinue reading “Megan. Review.”

Tar. Online Film Discourse Eats Its Own Tail

In the interchangeably morphing online film discourse space post-pandemic debate around awards contenders seems to be getting even more niche and fragmented. Spearheaded by the kind of people who would not know what cinema with a shred of populism if it hit them with the speed and force of an oncoming freight train. The kindContinue reading “Tar. Online Film Discourse Eats Its Own Tail”