Swarm. (Amazon.) Miniseries Review. (Spoilers)

Amazon has a history of handing out some bizarre blank checks. That said they clearly think there is enough of the audience for the somewhat niche products produced by the creative teams to see something of a return on their investment. The latest in this category is Swarm. On paper, an offbeat horror thriller co-createdContinue reading “Swarm. (Amazon.) Miniseries Review. (Spoilers)”

Pray For The Devil. Quick Review.

Another week. Another extremely tired and worthless PG-13 horror effort vomited into a desperate theatrical exclusive landscape. This time a devout Catholic nun in training develops a relationship with a potentially possessed young girl. Has anyone seen any number of exorcism films before this? Then they have already seen everything Prey For The Devil hasContinue reading “Pray For The Devil. Quick Review.”

Barbarian. Journey Beats Destination.

When you have seen and been desensitized to whatever media from across the spectrum can throw at audiences   finding something that can remix a lot of genre staples into something genuinely surprising and fantastic in its own right should be celebrated. This logic has catapulted Stranger Things to juggernaut status in our current media landscape.Continue reading “Barbarian. Journey Beats Destination.”

Smile. Quick Review.

Everyone has seen a trailer well their initial reaction is to go “well this looks stupid.” A prime contender for this viewer would be the 2022 horror hit Smile. A nurse (Sosie Bacon) witnesses a suicide that transfers a titular curse, whereby she is stoked by supposedly creepily smiling figures. As of yet no oneContinue reading “Smile. Quick Review.”

The Invitation. (2022) Quick Review.

A struggling thirtysomething New Yorker. ( Natalie Emmanuel) discovers she has a connection to a prestigious English bloodline and goes over for one of her new family’s weddings In this pathetically low-effort slice of Gothic horror. This viewer wanted to write this review because here we have a prime example of a film that mayContinue reading “The Invitation. (2022) Quick Review.”

Resident Evil(Netflix Live Action ) Review. (Mild Spoilers.)

When one has no attachment to the source material and has not seen any other incarnation of it across various media how do you treat something from a reputable franchise becoming the new internet punching bag? This sort of thing where every critic is in a rare to the bottom in an attempt to comeContinue reading “Resident Evil(Netflix Live Action ) Review. (Mild Spoilers.)”

Stranger Things. Season 4. Volume 2. Running Up That Endgame Hill. (FULL SPOILERS)

Spoiler warning. Given a large amount of this piece relates to the ending and set-up for the final season this should go without saying The best course of action if readers have not seen the final two episodes to turn away now. Otherwise, you could fall under Vecnas curse.Let’s get this over with. Having alreadyContinue reading “Stranger Things. Season 4. Volume 2. Running Up That Endgame Hill. (FULL SPOILERS)”

Projects Like “Men” Bring With Them The Worst Type of Online Film Discourse

Alex Garland at his best is one of the most engaging and propulsive genre screenwriters out there. His ability to combine this with enough metaphorical and interpretive elements to please the analysis over emotional response viewer might be his secret weapon. His slightly ponderous FX mini-series Devs was something of a step back. On paper,Continue reading “Projects Like “Men” Bring With Them The Worst Type of Online Film Discourse”

Stranger Things 4. Volume 1 Blockbuster Entertainment at it’s Most Bombastic and Ambitious (Review) Suggestive Spoilers

 Note. Suggestive spoilers ahead. It’s probably best to come back to this review  after finishing the seven episodes that make  up this release.  Just after the midpoint within the return of the one Netflix show remaining that has not been prematurely cancelled after two/ three seasons there is what has to be the TV momentContinue reading “Stranger Things 4. Volume 1 Blockbuster Entertainment at it’s Most Bombastic and Ambitious (Review) Suggestive Spoilers”

Firestarter (2022) Quick Review.

For every classic film adaptation, Stephen King has he will also let his stories be made or remade by pretty much everyone. As an example here, a terrible Blumhouse produced a remake of one of his early efforts. Ryan Kiera Armstrong plays the role that was originally taken by Drew Barrymore in the mid-80s, asContinue reading “Firestarter (2022) Quick Review.”