Bo Burnham’s Inside is Not Funny. It’s All The Better For It

This author was lucky enough to get to see Bo Burnham introduce the Scottish Premiere for his first feature Eighth Grade At the 2019 Glasgow Film Festival. As an usher escorted this viewer to his wheelchair space his question was “big Bo Burnham fan.” Huge One of my favourite Moments at any screening occurred whenContinue reading “Bo Burnham’s Inside is Not Funny. It’s All The Better For It”

Jupiter’s Legacy. Volume One (Netflix.) Review.

The contemporary age of streaming is all about how many viable IP’s each service has. Pioneer Netflix has been left somewhat behind in this regard. A couple of their in-house originals could be considered valuable but they churn through content at such an alarming rate Certain shows are not given enough time to build intoContinue reading “Jupiter’s Legacy. Volume One (Netflix.) Review.”

Stowaway. Quick Review.

Netflix is very well known full shadow dropping various original movie releases with no promotion whatsoever. Inexplicably some releases may end up in the daily top 10 despite potential viewers never having heard of them beforehand. Eventually, these mid/low budget efforts will rotate out for the next cycle of productions that will have the sameContinue reading “Stowaway. Quick Review.”

Thunder Force. Quick Review.

Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone are very easy targets in the world of film criticism. In a way, this is justified. The movies they make as a team tend to be atrocious with the sense that the husband is piggybacking off his wife success within the Hollywood machine. Their R rated efforts willContinue reading “Thunder Force. Quick Review.”

If You Enjoyed Love and Monsters Check Out The Co Screenwriter And Story Developers Directorial Pandemic Release Spontaneous

Here is another case of a US pandemic VOD release eventually finding a home on a UK streaming service. In this case Netflix UK. The film itself sees Dylan O’Brien and his dog travelling across a post-apocalyptic Earth to find his girlfriend (Jessica Henwick.) Along the way, they encounter some original monster mythology and expensiveContinue reading “If You Enjoyed Love and Monsters Check Out The Co Screenwriter And Story Developers Directorial Pandemic Release Spontaneous”

Run. Review. The Representation/Authenticity Question

In 2018 director Aneesh Chaganty burst onto this critics watch list of talents worth keeping an eye on thanks to his debut feature Searching. This was easily the best in the brief trend of movies taking place entirely from the perspective of various modern technology. Chaganty was able to compose a compelling thriller using theContinue reading “Run. Review. The Representation/Authenticity Question”

Pacific Rim. The Black. Review

Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim is a movie this critic has a rather large soft spot for. This might be in part because Idris Elba’s line delivery of “tonight we are cancelling the apocalypse” is one of the greatest and most easily imitable in recent memory. This viewer will state that the film holds upContinue reading “Pacific Rim. The Black. Review”

Lupin. Part One. Quick Review.

The majority of the time massive streaming hits are explainable in some way. Just look at the mania surrounding Tiger King. Viewers may have had plenty of moral obligations to the madness of Joe Exotic and the GW zoo but the story was engaging enough to hold interest regardless of presentation or bias. Bridgeton mayContinue reading “Lupin. Part One. Quick Review.”

I Care A Lot. Quick Review.

A Golden Globe-winning Rosamund Pike is fantastic in this darkly comedic satire. She plays a con woman who runs an organisation preying on vulnerable people. Getting them installed under her legal guardianship and then fleeing them for all they are worth. It’s a shame that the rest of the film can’t live up to theContinue reading “I Care A Lot. Quick Review.”

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Part 4. Review.

This piece contains spoilers for the ending of Part 3 some light premise discussion/ suggestive spoilers for Part 4. .  This reviewer has always had a soft spot for the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Across its first three “parts”/ 28 episodes it was typically solid well never hitting true greatness. The shows weaknesses were often covered by KierrnanContinue reading “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Part 4. Review.”