NT Live on Streaming and “Alternative Cinema Content in a Post Pandemic Landscape .

Disclaimer. Given the subject matter addressed in Prima Facie ( The NT Live pro shot of which will be discussed here this piece contains a very brief mention of sexual assault.) Individual discretion is advised.The post-COVID theatrical exclusive landscape is very bleak. Yes, there are still blockbusters coming along and cleaning up at the boxContinue reading “NT Live on Streaming and “Alternative Cinema Content in a Post Pandemic Landscape .”

Bo Burnham. The Inside Outtakes. Review/Impressions.

This viewer has been a fan of Bo Burnham for years. However, because there tends to be such a large gap between solo projects the release of Inside last year with the first time he got any coverage on this blog specifically. For the first anniversary of the piece’s release, Burnham put together a selectionContinue reading “Bo Burnham. The Inside Outtakes. Review/Impressions.”

Goodbye Flagship Wittertainment. Coda. The Next Chapter.

A few weeks ago this author published his piece covering his relationship with and attachment to Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s film review show on BBC Radio 5 live. There was some speculation in the piece on how exactly the show would continue following its final BBC transmission on April 1st, 2020. Needless to say,Continue reading “Goodbye Flagship Wittertainment. Coda. The Next Chapter.”

Goodbye Flagship Wittertainment. A Personal History and Starter Pack for the UK’s Favourite Film Programme.

On one level there will always be a level of emotional resonance when something important or formative to a fan announces a conclusion. It doesn’t matter if you’ve aged out or moved on from whatever that piece of content was. The parts of the content that last in our minds are those that we willContinue reading “Goodbye Flagship Wittertainment. A Personal History and Starter Pack for the UK’s Favourite Film Programme.”

Harry Potter and the Strangely Half Assed Anniversary Edition  

On October 29th Warner Brothers UK re-released Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone back into UK cinemas. This included regular screens and 4DX venues. There’s not much to say regarding the film. It’s the regular theatrical edition as seen in 2001. The 152-minute cut still has the power to capture the magic and adventure ofContinue reading “Harry Potter and the Strangely Half Assed Anniversary Edition  “

Naomi Osaka (Netflix.) “ Honesty“ VS PR.

It’s rare that this writers passions for tennis and media reviewing cross over. Here is a rare example. Off the back of her Netflix documentary, it’s a good chance to have the Naomi Osaka conversation. Osaka is unquestionably a great player and 90% of the time a fantastic ambassador for the sport. Then the 2021Continue reading “Naomi Osaka (Netflix.) “ Honesty“ VS PR.”

Pandering in Cinema. #1. Land (2020) Review.

This author did not know much about Robin Wrights feature directorial debut Land before going and seeing it. It was a film available at Cineworld that he could see with his unlimited card. Let’s give it a go. 5 minutes into the film he regretted that decision.Wright may be a solid actress. That said LandContinue reading “Pandering in Cinema. #1. Land (2020) Review.”

Bo Burnham’s Inside is Not Funny. It’s All The Better For It

This author was lucky enough to get to see Bo Burnham introduce the Scottish Premiere for his first feature Eighth Grade At the 2019 Glasgow Film Festival. As an usher escorted this viewer to his wheelchair space his question was “big Bo Burnham fan.” Huge One of my favourite Moments at any screening occurred whenContinue reading “Bo Burnham’s Inside is Not Funny. It’s All The Better For It”

Nomadland Is…Good. What Does it Matter?

This viewer is the sort of movie fan who is up for seeing almost anything. Even with that, this was the year where the Oscars (rightfully) barely registered a blip on the cultural radar. Award season still mattered to a section of #filmTwitter armchair pundits. They will always be invested in these things regardless ofContinue reading “Nomadland Is…Good. What Does it Matter?”

National Canadian Film Day (2020 .) You Are Here. A Come From Away Story (2018)

This critic has referenced his yearly journey into the West End as part of a broader summer trip a few times on this blog. The big new show he saw in 2019 was Come From Away. He was very sceptical upon hearing the vague premise. Who wants to see a 9/11 musical? Upon a friendsContinue reading “National Canadian Film Day (2020 .) You Are Here. A Come From Away Story (2018)”