See How They Run. Quick Review.

The resurgence in comedically inflected whodunits very much impacted by the success of the burgeoning Knives Out franchise is one of this author’s favourite Hollywood trends as of 2022. It’s a more effective use of Rian Johnson as a creative force then. indulging in his attempt to be subversive by having one of the mostContinue reading “See How They Run. Quick Review.”

NT Live on Streaming and “Alternative Cinema Content in a Post Pandemic Landscape .

Disclaimer. Given the subject matter addressed in Prima Facie ( The NT Live pro shot of which will be discussed here this piece contains a very brief mention of sexual assault.) Individual discretion is advised.The post-COVID theatrical exclusive landscape is very bleak. Yes, there are still blockbusters coming along and cleaning up at the boxContinue reading “NT Live on Streaming and “Alternative Cinema Content in a Post Pandemic Landscape .”

Better Nate Than Ever. Quick Review.

This reviewer tends to cover a lot of Disney + original movies on this blog. To put it nicely they mostly suck. Even some of the bigger titles have an air of the sort of thing the mouse house does not want the general public to see. So it gets quietly buried on streaming. ThisContinue reading “Better Nate Than Ever. Quick Review.”

Waitress (UK Tour, Aberdeen ) Quick Review.

It’s rare for this viewer to go to his local theatre. Honestly, there isn’t that much that comes as far north within Scotland as Aberdeen and the shows that do are often the same usual suspects. Much as. We don’t get the new Disney stage version of Beauty and the Beast or the current HeathersContinue reading “Waitress (UK Tour, Aberdeen ) Quick Review.”

National Canadian Film Day (2020 .) You Are Here. A Come From Away Story (2018)

This critic has referenced his yearly journey into the West End as part of a broader summer trip a few times on this blog. The big new show he saw in 2019 was Come From Away. He was very sceptical upon hearing the vague premise. Who wants to see a 9/11 musical? Upon a friendsContinue reading “National Canadian Film Day (2020 .) You Are Here. A Come From Away Story (2018)”

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. Quick Review.

There’s a certain very cruel irony to the film that convinces this viewer of the power of Chadwick Boseman. This writers impression was that he was a solid actor. That said he did not have a breakout role with quite the same level of an emotional wallop when compared to contemporary and former co-star MichaelContinue reading “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. Quick Review.”

The Hamilton Review. Hamilton London Live Experience and Disney + Pro Shot Review

Every year (aside from 2020 for obvious reasons) I go into London’s West End as part of my yearly Wimbledon visit and try and see a few of the newly opened London shows. Heading into the Victoria Palace Theatre in 2018 beyond the fact I was seeing the hottest ticket in town within the openingContinue reading “The Hamilton Review. Hamilton London Live Experience and Disney + Pro Shot Review”

Quiz (ITV) Review.

I was only 7 years old in 2001 but due to its incredibly long  run the original Chris Tarrant Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was one of the first shows I remember watching regularly (prior to them switching up the format when it was on its last legs) every Saturday night. It’s a brilliantlyContinue reading “Quiz (ITV) Review.”

The Lion King UK Tour (Edinburgh Playhouse.) Review.

The Lion King is my second favourite film of all time (behind Back to the Future.) It’s a film I never get tired of and I own more Blu-ray copies of it then anything else (Diamond Edition Blu-ray,Regular Blu-Ray 3D edition, 3D Steelbook with lenticular magnet, regular gloss finish 3D Steelbook and 4k Signature EditionContinue reading “The Lion King UK Tour (Edinburgh Playhouse.) Review.”