The Undoing. (HBO.) Review

There are essentially two types of HBO limited series when looking at hour-long dramas. On the one hand, you have your focused single-season narratives that will be there to win over critics and potentially get a slew of award nominations as HBO tend to do. On the other hand, you have your big flash focusedContinue reading “The Undoing. (HBO.) Review”

Three Main Thoughts About the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special.

This piece contains spoilers for The Mandalorian 2.03. Precede at readers own risk. Released on Disney + last week in the company’s continuing attempts to keep the Star Wars franchise taking over between theatrical movie trilogies here’s another LEGO effort. Ray uses a time portal key to hop around various films and events from theContinue reading “Three Main Thoughts About the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special.”

Emily in Paris. Streaming Shows Designed by Algorithm.

This piece spoils the cliffhanger ending for Emily in Paris Season 1 (not that readers should care.) If readers have been on social media and any point since the first season’s release on October 2nd they likely have seen something related to Emily in Paris. A certain stripe of female viewers lusting after the showsContinue reading “Emily in Paris. Streaming Shows Designed by Algorithm.”

Lovecraft Country. HBO. Review.

HBO’s Lovecraft Country arrived on the genre TV scene to massive acclaim. This was based on an opening episode that is not only one of the best of this year but recalls the heights of the best HBO seasons of recent memory (the opening episodes of Westworld and The Night Of.) It combined elements ofContinue reading “Lovecraft Country. HBO. Review.”

The Haunting of Bly Manor. Review.

Mike Flanagan’s take on The Haunting of Hill House is one of the best individual seasons of the streaming era regardless of platform. The ending wasn’t everything it should have been but the journey combined emotionally impactful interpersonal drama, superbly atmospheric direction and several breakout performances from the large ensemble cast. Thankfully the season wasContinue reading “The Haunting of Bly Manor. Review.”

The SpongeBob Movie. Sponge on the Run.. Review

The theatrical animation fan within this critic has a rather large soft spot for the first two Spongebob feature films. Both are significantly better then they have any right to be. They feel like the teams behind them were allowed to be as weird and experimental as they could well still having the backing ofContinue reading “The SpongeBob Movie. Sponge on the Run.. Review”

Utopia (Amazon Prime US Remake.)Review

Dennis Kelly’s original Channel 4 series Utopia is one of those cancelled long before its time-series you hear a lot about in genre and geek-centric TV. It is one that’s always been on this authors watch list but he’s never got around to despite being only 12 episodes long. When th\e US remake popped upContinue reading “Utopia (Amazon Prime US Remake.)Review”

Secret Society of Second Born Royals (Disney +.) Review.

it is time to take out some more Disney straight to streaming trash. This time we have a Disney Channel production that was shifted onto +. This is not an outright mark against it. The Disney Channel has produced some pop culture phenomenon’s in its time even if most of them come with a layerContinue reading “Secret Society of Second Born Royals (Disney +.) Review.”

The Politician. Season 2. Review

The first season of The Politician was a very strange beast. A high school political satire where the entire cast looked to be in their mid-30s in a very distinct Ryan Murphy style which can tread the line between quirky and irksome on an episode by episode basis. Then the ending came along  and inContinue reading “The Politician. Season 2. Review”

Hannah (Amazon). Season 2. Review

The first season of Amazon’s Hannah TV adaptation fell very nicely into Amazon’s slate of perfectly watchable but not particularly exciting action shows. Esme Creed-Miles strong lead performance and solid (if unspectacular) action were let down by weak writing, the massive charisma vacuum of Joel Kinnaman and the general sense it had nothing new toContinue reading “Hannah (Amazon). Season 2. Review”