John Wick: Chapter 4. Review.

Full disclosure. This author is a confessed huge fan of the John Wick franchise. That said much as he would argue all the previous films are all great the two initial sequels are a little bit heavy only slightly obtuse lore of the assassins and Continental visitors coming after our monosyllabic antihero. Given the directionContinue reading “John Wick: Chapter 4. Review.”

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers (2022) Review

The Lonely Islands comedic output may be decidedly uneven but the great stuff on the crew’s creative CV does stick out. From the early Internet memetics of the SNL shorts that found a global audience, The brilliant cult favourite Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping and the underrated time travel rom-com Palm Springs. For every one-jokeContinue reading “Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers (2022) Review”

Stranger Things 4. Volume 1 Blockbuster Entertainment at it’s Most Bombastic and Ambitious (Review) Suggestive Spoilers

 Note. Suggestive spoilers ahead. It’s probably best to come back to this review  after finishing the seven episodes that make  up this release.  Just after the midpoint within the return of the one Netflix show remaining that has not been prematurely cancelled after two/ three seasons there is what has to be the TV momentContinue reading “Stranger Things 4. Volume 1 Blockbuster Entertainment at it’s Most Bombastic and Ambitious (Review) Suggestive Spoilers”

Marry Me. Quick Review.

When her fiancé (reggaeton star Maluma) is discovered cheating just as they are about to get married on stage a celebrity musician ( Jennifer Lopez( decides to complete the stunt with a random single father ( Owen Wilson) instead. Things play out exactly as you would expect from there. Given the garish premise and trailer,Continue reading “Marry Me. Quick Review.”

Ron’s Gone Wrong. Quick Review

What makes a new animation studio stand out? That was the question this viewer was asking himself when watching Rons Gone Wrong. This is the first effort for London based animation studio locksmith. What the creative team have come up with is a fairly standard technology/ AI influenced comedy. Sat in a vaguely non-specific nearContinue reading “Ron’s Gone Wrong. Quick Review”

London Film Festival ( Digital Screening.) Citizen Ashe. Quick Review.

This writer has been lucky enough to visit three of the four Tennis grand slams in his lifetime( he will get to Melbourne Park one day.) In terms of show court experience (in this fans opinion) Arthur Ashe Stadium at Flushing Meadows, New York is the best around. Beyond having the stadium in his name,Continue reading “London Film Festival ( Digital Screening.) Citizen Ashe. Quick Review.”

Attack of the Hollywood Clichés. Quick Review.

Rob Lowe hosts this random Netflix comedy special, aiming at the myriad of Hollywood cliches in modern cinema. A production like this is the very definition of mildly entertaining. A surprisingly robust list of star names,# Film Twitter pundits and behind the camera talent go on a whistle-stop tour of some well-known film making tropesContinue reading “Attack of the Hollywood Clichés. Quick Review.”

The Come From Away Pro-Short (Apple TV +) Everything Fans Could Ask For.

This writer has covered his love for the musical Come From Away on a few separate occasions. Part of this fondness might be due to the fact it was the last West End show he saw in the summer before COVID. That said he truly believes it to be an exceptional piece of work. TakingContinue reading “The Come From Away Pro-Short (Apple TV +) Everything Fans Could Ask For.”

Fear Street. Part One. 1994 Quick Review.

Here we have Netflix’s big-ticket item for the summer. A horror trilogy based on novels from RL Stein set over 300 years and released over consecutive July weeks. It’s an ambitious undertaking. Whether it works is an entirely different endeavour. It’s worth saying that as of writing this reviewer has only seen the first entry.Continue reading “Fear Street. Part One. 1994 Quick Review.”

Old is Bananas. You Should See It.

M Night Shyamalan has unleashed his new film on audiences that feel safe enough to go back to the cinema. The time this viewer started consistently watching new releases every week coincides with the Shyamalan “Hollywood embarrassment” phase. The Happening, The Last Airbender and After Earth. Three of the worst big-budget modern movies. This criticContinue reading “Old is Bananas. You Should See It.”