The Woman King. Quick Review.

Viola Davis can give absolutely anything gravitas. There is a clip from Season One of How to Get Away With Murder that exemplifies this perfectly. she has to deliver a blatantly ridiculous Shonda Rhimes-Esque plot reveal in the most on-the-nose way possible. Yet she delivers said line as if it is demanded in a RoyalContinue reading “The Woman King. Quick Review.”

Benediction. Very Quick Review.

One of the latest instances of British #filmtwitter getting behind films with otherwise limited commercial appeal is this unconventional biopic from director Terrence Davis. Jack Loudon and Peter Capaldi play older and younger versions of the renowned WWI anti-war poet Siegfried Sassoon. Starting in the period immediately following Sassoon’s psychiatric evaluation due to his anti-warContinue reading “Benediction. Very Quick Review.”

A Journal for Jordan. Quick Review.

Welcome to the first truly baffling film of 2022. In his latest feature as director, Denzel Washington effectively attempts to resurrect the Hollywood ghost of Nicholas Sparks adaptations in this screen incarnation of a true story. Throughout several tours of Iraq First Sargent Charles Monroe King (Michal B Jordan kept a journal of life andContinue reading “A Journal for Jordan. Quick Review.”

Cherry. (Apple TV Plus) The Culmination of a Bizarre Hollywood Journey.

The Russo brothers have a very strange career trajectory. The high points are certainly good enough to maintain interest in whatever their next project might be. They started as an unremarkable feature directing mainly focused on mediocre comedy. Then they struck gold by directing a random sitcom pilot that would eventually become the brilliant CommunityContinue reading “Cherry. (Apple TV Plus) The Culmination of a Bizarre Hollywood Journey.”

Greyhound. The Poster Child for the Advantages and Disadvantages of Sending Your Movie Straight to Streaming.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the theatrical release schedule has essentially evaporated for 2020. Certain films have taken the plunge in either adopting a Premium Video on Demand release strategy or being sold as a with subscription streaming exclusive for a particular platform. One of the highest-profile examples in the latter category isContinue reading “Greyhound. The Poster Child for the Advantages and Disadvantages of Sending Your Movie Straight to Streaming.”

1917. (IMAX) Review.

1917 has won a lot of positive press for being perhaps the most successful employment of the ” fake one take” style (despite the fact that film cuts to black at one point so charitably you could say it was two shots executed in this style. Don’t get me wrong as someone who saw itContinue reading “1917. (IMAX) Review.”

Midway. Paragraph Review.

Much as I do have a soft spot for The Day After Tomorrow if I had to to assemble and list of the most boring filmmakers currently working in Hollywood Roland Emmerich would probably top that list. This is not to say that talented people don’t work on his films all that I have anythingContinue reading “Midway. Paragraph Review.”