Waitress (UK Tour, Aberdeen ) Quick Review.

It’s rare for this viewer to go to his local theatre. Honestly, there isn’t that much that comes as far north within Scotland as Aberdeen and the shows that do are often the same usual suspects. Much as. We don’t get the new Disney stage version of Beauty and the Beast or the current HeathersContinue reading “Waitress (UK Tour, Aberdeen ) Quick Review.”

The Drive In Cinema, Aberdeen (Toy Story.) Review.

The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in film and media junkies plumbing the depths of whatever streaming services are available both for new films and old favourites. One thing that has been discussed in certain circles is the re-emergence of drive in screenings. Outside of Christmas events drive ins are not really a thing in theContinue reading “The Drive In Cinema, Aberdeen (Toy Story.) Review.”

A Day Observing the Frontline of Local Journalism.

I recently got the opportunity to have an “editor for the day” experience at my local newspaper the Evening Express in Aberdeen. This was a silent auction prize that was handed off to me but something I was looking forward to. I had a similar experience at STV a few years ago but that onlyContinue reading “A Day Observing the Frontline of Local Journalism.”