Nomadland Is…Good. What Does it Matter?

This viewer is the sort of movie fan who is up for seeing almost anything. Even with that, this was the year where the Oscars (rightfully) barely registered a blip on the cultural radar. Award season still mattered to a section of #filmTwitter armchair pundits. They will always be invested in these things regardless ofContinue reading “Nomadland Is…Good. What Does it Matter?”

A Disability Perspective on The Oscars Diversity Push.

This week at the time of writing The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences  (the organisation that hands out the Oscars ) unveiled its four new diversity standards with every film submitted for Best Picture having to tick two of these proverbial four boxes in order to be considered for Best Picture. The internetContinue reading “A Disability Perspective on The Oscars Diversity Push.”