Hustle And The Fate of the Mid-Range Movie in 2022

The scope and scale of the Adam Sandler Netflix contract has been a recurring meme at various points through the years since he signed it. Hustle effectively asks what if that contract produced some genuinely solid dramatic material. Taking Sandler’s love of basketball and slotting it into a standard underdog sports narrative is one ofContinue reading “Hustle And The Fate of the Mid-Range Movie in 2022”

Uncut Gems. Review.

When Uncut Gems first appeared on the festival circuit I did not take that much notice of it. It wasn’t until a few months later when I found out it was the new film by the Saftie brothers that my anticipation rocketed upwards. I absolutely loved the previous white knuckle thriller Good Time starring RobertContinue reading “Uncut Gems. Review.”