Paper Girls (Amazon) Review.

With any piece of visual media one question, one should always be asked. Does the budget fit the scope of the story we are telling? In decades and generations past plenty of shows, (some of which went on to be genre classics) have produced great material on an absolute shoestring. If you want a strongContinue reading “Paper Girls (Amazon) Review.”

Onward. Movie Review.

Even as a die-hard Pixar fan the outlook for Onward did not look great. The trailers were incredibly mediocre, and the film had the feeling of being snuck into theatres with substantially less marketing money spent on it then the traditional Pixar film.  Obviously as a die-hard fan I would be excited for anything tContinue reading “Onward. Movie Review.”

Birds of Prey (And The Fabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn.) Review.

 I hated Suicide Squad. It’s one of the most embarrassingly try hard films in recent cinema whose only redeeming qualities are that (A) Batman v Superman was out earlier that summer which was one of the most miserable experiences I have ever had in a cinema (insert “Martha” gag here and (b) David Ayer  wouldContinue reading “Birds of Prey (And The Fabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn.) Review.”