Do Revenge. Quick Review.

All you need to know about Do Revenge is this. After a sex tape leak In the opening scene, the central character (played by Riverdales Camila Mendes) conveys a speech that feels like it could be delivered by Veronica Sawyer. Behind this, the intro to Olivia Rodrigo‚Äôs brutal is specifically timed so that the smashContinue reading “Do Revenge. Quick Review.”

Yes, God Yes. Quick Review.

This feature adaptation of director Karen Maine’s short film sees Natalia Dyer play a repressed early 2000s Catholic school girl who discovers her sexual awakening through an AOL chat and a trip to a retreat with other students. .This critic was not aware of the short film’s existence before starting this feature-length version. Given theContinue reading “Yes, God Yes. Quick Review.”