The Super Mario Bros Movie Is What It Set Out To Be. For Better And Worse.

Even knowing there was going to be an exhausting amount of discourse when it was announced that Illumination had been chosen for the job of making Nintendo‘s first foray into features in 25 years with an animated Mario movie the amount of baffling discussion around the final product has surprised even this watcher. It startedContinue reading “The Super Mario Bros Movie Is What It Set Out To Be. For Better And Worse.”

Amsterdam. Quick Review.

One of online film discourses’ favourite things to trot out every time he makes a new film is that David O Russell is a terrible person. That said his variety of star power-driven mid-level Oscar bait has always proved successful enough for a variety of studios to finance it. As this writer has said inContinue reading “Amsterdam. Quick Review.”

The Northman. Quick Review(Suggestive Spoilers)

Robert Eggers is one of the brand of filmmakers that gets treated like a messiah on certain film discussion portions of the internet. His films are for the hugely pretentious built-for analysis over genuine substance crowd that loves his brand of purely aesthetic-driven filmmaking. Eggers will always have a devoted cult audience that will treatContinue reading “The Northman. Quick Review(Suggestive Spoilers)”

Back To The Cinema #1. The New Mutants. (It Finally Came Out.)

Depending on who you ask The New Mutants is either the punching bag or sympathy case of the superhero film world since that initial trailer dropped on Friday October 13th 2017.Initially envisioned as a more horror focused spin off within the Fox X Men continuity its three year journey from that first teaser to theContinue reading “Back To The Cinema #1. The New Mutants. (It Finally Came Out.)”

Radioactive. Movie Review

Beyond the obvious Imagine Dragons joke there’s a certain strain of very conventional biopic  that this effort starring Rosmond Pike as radiography  pioneer Marie Curie falls into nicely. Ernest and well performed  (Pike is excellent in the central role)but offering nothing audiences won’t have seen before if they have seen any number of the kindContinue reading “Radioactive. Movie Review”

Emma (2020.) Paragraph Review.

Anya Taylor-joy and Mia Goth shine in the title roles of the sharp-witted new adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic comedy. The film provides gentle amusement throughout and is directed with a clear visual eye by photographer Autumn de Wilde The cast is strong throughout despite the somewhat mandatory presents of Bill Nighy and the inabilityContinue reading “Emma (2020.) Paragraph Review.”