Back to the Cinema #4. Babyteeth.

This Australian indie (currently playing as a theatrical exclusive in reopened cinemas) is a very strange and somewhat muddled affair.  On one level it’s very straight forward straightforward cantering on a terminally ill teenager Eliza Scanlon who falls in love with a local drug dealer (Toby Wallace) much to the behest of her parents (EssieContinue reading “Back to the Cinema #4. Babyteeth.”

Spies in Disguise. Movie Review.

For an animation studio with such a large back catalogue it’s sad to say that Blue Sky have been the poster child for a mainstream animated mediocrity for most of that time (despite a few gems.) I suspect that the Disney/Fox deal does not bode well for their prospects in the long term. For theContinue reading “Spies in Disguise. Movie Review.”