Pieces of a Woman. The Naturalism Paradox in Awards Filmmaking

The typical definition of “Oscar Bait” refers to those films that have particular themes and narrative arcs that will make whatever production it is get seen more favourably by awards voters. In the past several years there is an alternative but similar form of awards pandering has become prevalent. this critic will call it “theContinue reading “Pieces of a Woman. The Naturalism Paradox in Awards Filmmaking”

Uncut Gems. Review.

When Uncut Gems first appeared on the festival circuit I did not take that much notice of it. It wasn’t until a few months later when I found out it was the new film by the Saftie brothers that my anticipation rocketed upwards. I absolutely loved the previous white knuckle thriller Good Time starring RobertContinue reading “Uncut Gems. Review.”