McEnroe. (2022) Review.

As a huge tennis fan, It should be obvious that this viewer was inclined to check out this new documentary covering the career of John McEnroe. Even if McEnroe’s achievements and his cult of personality feel like they have been thoroughly covered across various projects in both drama and documentary. What surprised this onlooker wasContinue reading “McEnroe. (2022) Review.”

London Film Festival ( Digital Screening.) Citizen Ashe. Quick Review.

This writer has been lucky enough to visit three of the four Tennis grand slams in his lifetime( he will get to Melbourne Park one day.) In terms of show court experience (in this fans opinion) Arthur Ashe Stadium at Flushing Meadows, New York is the best around. Beyond having the stadium in his name,Continue reading “London Film Festival ( Digital Screening.) Citizen Ashe. Quick Review.”