The Lost City. Quick Review

Adventure author Sandra Bullock gets trapped in the jungle with her cover model Channing Tatum after being kidnapped by eccentric billionaire Daniel Radcliffe in this action-comedy. The film arrived in UK cinemas having gotten some good buzz and strong box office from its US release. It starts incredibly strong as one of the best mainstreamContinue reading “The Lost City. Quick Review”

Dog. Quick Review.

Look at this poster. It’s Channing Tatum with a dog. There have been enough bad family-centric animal movies in the last 20 years that surely a film that looks as generic as this one does on all levels has nothing to add. Well yes and no. On one level this is exactly the sort ofContinue reading “Dog. Quick Review.”

America. The Motion Picture. (Netflix) Review

In 2008 Seth MacFarlane released several embarrassingly inept animated shorts as a web series. These came with massive sponsorship deals. They remain some of the worst things internet video as a medium has to offer. MacFarlane’s so-called “Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy” were essentially the most gross-out skits he and his team could think of. HeContinue reading “America. The Motion Picture. (Netflix) Review”