Shotgun Wedding. Review.

The fact that director Jason Moore hasn’t gone on to bigger and better things since helming the first Pitch Perfect is one of the great questions in this author’s mind over the last 10 years. Moore went off to make the Tina Fey/ Amy Poehler vehicle Sisters with a really funny John Cena cameo andContinue reading “Shotgun Wedding. Review.”

The War With Grandpa. Quick Review

Amongst the film community ( especially those based in the US) The War With Grandpa became something of a meme during the pandemic. This generic-looking Robert De Niro kids comedy was insistent upon being a theatrical exclusive. It looked like the last film one would potentially risk their life to go and see. In theContinue reading “The War With Grandpa. Quick Review”

Cleaning Out my Film Rentals. #7 Inmate #1. The Rise of Danny Trejo.

Danny Trejo is one of the most fascinating figures in the acting world. Not necessarily for his ability or the string of direct video action movies in which he typically appears but for his incredible life story starting out as a career criminal on the streets of Los Angeles before being incarcerated in some of the world’s toughest prisonsContinue reading “Cleaning Out my Film Rentals. #7 Inmate #1. The Rise of Danny Trejo.”