Irresistible. Quick Review.

After watching Charlie Brooker and friends Netflix embarrassment Death To 2020 this critic assumed that satire released inside said year could not get more basic. Unbeknownst to him, this pandemic released political comedy from writer/director Jon Stewart was sitting in his Amazon rentals. Steve Carrell plays a Democrat spin-doctor who tries to influence a mayoralContinue reading “Irresistible. Quick Review.”

Lockdown Streaming Review. #17 Homecoming. Season Two. (Amazon.)

Season One of Amazons Homecoming was the thing that solidified director Sam Esmail as more than just a one show wonder. The writing and mystery elements along with the central performances from Julia Roberts and Stephen James were strong but it was Esmails confident and experimental  direction there really made that season leap off the screen and for my money it wasContinue reading “Lockdown Streaming Review. #17 Homecoming. Season Two. (Amazon.)”

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood. Paragraph Review.

Mr Rogers was never something that crossed over in the UK (as far as I know.) I’m aware are of who he was and his show via cultural osmosis.Nevertheless this acclaimed dramatisation loosely based on on the relationship between between Fred Rogers (Tom Hanks) and a cynical magazine journalist (Matthew Rhys) was a very strangeContinue reading “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood. Paragraph Review.”