Songbird. Mercenary Filmmaking Attitude+ COVID+ Backlash = Free Publicity

On 29 October 2020, a trailer was released that made a large section of “film Twitter” completely lose their minds. This trailer was for Songbird. Produced by Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes it was a dystopian post-apocalyptic COVID thriller conceived short and released while the pandemic is still sweeping the world. There were endless hot takesContinue reading “Songbird. Mercenary Filmmaking Attitude+ COVID+ Backlash = Free Publicity”

Doolittle. Movie Review.

I absolutely love seeing “WTF Hollywood” style disasters. There’s quite a few of these over past few years but the most memorable have been Collateral Beauty,The Book Of Henry and Cats all films with material so insanely misjudged they have to be seen to be believed. When the new Robert Downey Jr take on DrContinue reading “Doolittle. Movie Review.”