Where the Crawdads Sing. Movie Review.

This viewer considers himself relatively on the ball in terms of potential big releases on the horizon theatrically. That said the level of somewhat astroturfed feeling of supposed anticipation for Where The Crawdads Sing blindsided him a little bit. The trailer looked fine. It’s sold as a fairly melodramatic mystery thriller with the level ofContinue reading “Where the Crawdads Sing. Movie Review.”

Fresh. Quick Review

This reviewer heard some buzz regarding this Fox/Disney acquisition from Sundance when it premiered. Given it’s an adult-orientated movie from the House of Mouse it forgoes theatrical release and is sent straight to streaming. Daisy Edgar Jones plays a central character struggling with the perils of modern dating. She meets Sebastian Stan in a supermarketContinue reading “Fresh. Quick Review”

Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #14. Normal People. (BBCIpayer/Hulu)

It is rare that something hits the zeitgeist in a way that’s entirely deserved. Normal People looks very unassuming on the surface. 12 half-hour episodes cover a very straightforward twenty-something love story following two small town Irish schoolmates from secondary school to the completion of studies at Trinity College: Dublin. After watching this show itContinue reading “Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #14. Normal People. (BBCIpayer/Hulu)”