Westworld (HBO.) Season 3. Review.

The first season of HBOs Westworld is one of the best TV seasons of the last 10 years. After an excruciating 18 months wait season two debuted and was mostly a strong follow up. The finale did give a sense that we were closing up this chapter of the story with the exodus from theContinue reading “Westworld (HBO.) Season 3. Review.”

Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #8 Altered Carbon. Season 2. (Netflix)

The initial trailer campaign for Altered Carbon was one that really made you sit up and take notice. I remember going into the first season with incredibly high hopes but by the halfway mark realising that this was going to be a massive disappointment. The building blocks were there. Impressive visuals, good world building, aContinue reading “Lockdown Streaming Reviews. #8 Altered Carbon. Season 2. (Netflix)”