Old is Bananas. You Should See It.

M Night Shyamalan has unleashed his new film on audiences that feel safe enough to go back to the cinema. The time this viewer started consistently watching new releases every week coincides with the Shyamalan “Hollywood embarrassment” phase. The Happening, The Last Airbender and After Earth. Three of the worst big-budget modern movies. This criticContinue reading “Old is Bananas. You Should See It.”

Back to the Cinema #4. Babyteeth.

This Australian indie (currently playing as a theatrical exclusive in reopened cinemas) is a very strange and somewhat muddled affair.  On one level it’s very straight forward straightforward cantering on a terminally ill teenager Eliza Scanlon who falls in love with a local drug dealer (Toby Wallace) much to the behest of her parents (EssieContinue reading “Back to the Cinema #4. Babyteeth.”