Disney + Premier Access in Cinemas. #1. Cruella.

Modern Disney live-action remakes have developed a distinct formula. Stale, bland and without much sense of creative energy. These productions make money on birthright alone. For the opening act Cruella, a period piece origin story for Cruella de Vil set in a punk rock 1970s London looks like it’s following the predetermined path to aContinue reading “Disney + Premier Access in Cinemas. #1. Cruella.”

Little Joe. Paragraph Review.

This very strange mix of British indie drama and plant-based psychological horror was a very odd viewing experience, it has a very effective and  chilly atmosphere and strong lead performances (especially from lead Emily Beecham) but the mashing together of these two distinct styles doesn’t really work. Much as the Day of the Triffids styleContinue reading “Little Joe. Paragraph Review.”