Antebellum. Movie Review. FULL SPOILERS.

When Lionsgate’s Antebellum was put out on PVOD in the US last year it developed a reputation as the potentially interesting kind of failure. An example of highly conceptual narratives that end up falling on their face. This viewer has a fascination with this style of media. The Book of Henry is still the mostContinue reading “Antebellum. Movie Review. FULL SPOILERS.”

A Disabled Reviewers Perspective on Come As You Are.

If this writer had to pick his least favourite sub-genre of film as someone who has seen hundreds throughout his 26 years the sex comedy would probably be it. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with it but after being weaponized for success by Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen and friends from the mid-2000s to the early 2010sContinue reading “A Disabled Reviewers Perspective on Come As You Are.”