The Gentleman. Paragraph Review.

I’ve seen all of Guy Ritchie’s big studio efforts. That said this was my first exposure to the type of film that he made his name with. As an introduction it isn’t bad. Yes it’s a little self-indulgent and far too pleased with itself in terms of how labyrinthine it can make its plot butContinue reading “The Gentleman. Paragraph Review.”

Blue Story. Review.

As someone who tries to see a majority of the new releases every week sometimes you can wonder into a film knowing little to nothing about it. This was the case for when I wandered into to a screening of Blue Story story having some time to kill before seeing a certain massive sequel thatContinue reading “Blue Story. Review.”

The Irishman. Review + Netflix Films in Cinemas

I will admit to not having seen any of Scorsese’s classic work but I’ve seen everything released over the last 10 years and to be honest none of it has really connected with me me. Wolf of Wall Street is entertaining if very vapid and and the first half of Hugo is absolutely wonderful beforeContinue reading “The Irishman. Review + Netflix Films in Cinemas”